Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Manatee - Watery Wednesday

I have a lot of watery photos living Sarasota, Florida. We also have a great marine laboratory located here. Where they study, monitor, and research all sorts of marine life. There is also a hospital for marine life, where they nurse them back to health and release them back into the wild if possible. It is hard to get a photo of Manatees in the wild, although I've seen many usually you just get to see their nose pop up when they breathe, and sometimes the tail will break the water. I did another post with more photos that I took while I was at Mote Marine you can check here to see more.

If you would like to see some great watery photos check at Watery Wednesday for photos from all around the world. Join in if you have some yourself!


  1. when i find myself on a theme park and they have a huge aquarium, i always tarry on the manatee exhibit. they are so cute.


  2. I've never seen a manatee in the wild. I think they would scare me. They sure do look BIG!

  3. Kris, yes they are so gentle too!

    Photo Cache - They are so cool to watch...he was just swimming and swimming.

    EG WOW - We went up to Tampa this winter to see all the manatees that gather near the power plant to get the warm water. It's amazing to see all them hanging out there! I did a post on it.

  4. So cute :D

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  5. I love seeing these gentle giants. Manatees are so endangered of being injured by boat propellers, I hope they survive our taking over their natural habitats.

  6. Awwww! This makes me want to get out and go to the aquarium, only they don't have one of these there.

  7. I never get tired of seeing manatees. They're snouts are so adorable! Years ago, I had the opportunity to be part of a manatee release back into the wild. Not only are they heavy (usually 900+ pounds), they reek because of the algae that grows on them. If you start Gulf Coast Daily Photo (or something similar), I'll be your first follower! There's plenty to shoot and share around here.


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