Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Theme Thursday - Brown

I wanted to add some more of my photos to this blog. It seems most of my work is going into my food blog, The Tiny Skillet so I started checking out some photo theme websites. I have been enjoying Watery Wednesdays, because of all the water around here you can help but get water pictures. Then Skywatch Fridays, again...in Florida they sure have some interesting skies.
Today I am again joining Theme Thursday and today's theme is brown. Of course most of the brown in my photos are in my food!

Spice cake chocolate sauce...

Apple crumble...

chocoalte chunck cookies...

Snacking tofu with ponzu dipping sauce....

Parmesan chicken tenders...

For more photos check out Theme Thursday and for the recipes the chicken tenders can be found on this site or for the rest find them on The Tiny Skillet , Enjoy!


  1. oh we love parmesian chicken...even my boys...and i think we could top it off with some of that chocolate desert...smiles. happy tt!

  2. my first visit to your blog. I was hoping someone would post some yummy desserts with chocolate sauce, etc. The food looks great. My family & I took our first trip to Anna Maria Is. last year and fell in love with it. Your neck of the woods is very nice too. My youngest is moving to Tampa in the Fall. He loves the ocean.

    Nice TT!

  3. ok time to eat

    thanks for the tasty brown theme

  4. Oh, how yummy looking! Any chance those desserts are gluten-free? : )
    Looking forward to seeing your End of the World yellow sky pic tomorrow!

  5. OMG everything you make looks so tasty.

  6. Great brown TT food displays, I know I gained weight here just looking, powerful imagination. Always looking for good vegan recipes that tofu with ponzu dipping sauce looks really tempting and tasty.

    Nice TT




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