Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Pink in the Sky ~SkyWatch Friday~

I entered my pictures in SkyWatch Friday very late this Friday so I'm just throwing in some that I took in my front yard and even captured the same cactus in the shot! I love Florida skies!


  1. the sculpture at the second one is stunning..congrats
    nice day, dear

  2. Nice subtle pink hues in all of these. I love Florida skies too!

  3. Hi Lindsey thank you for stopping by my blog and I am SO Glad that you left a comment and told us about the name of your blog, How fun. Loved your story about the names of all three of your blogs.So glad you found my blog and thanks again,have a wonderful weekend,Kathysue

  4. I love the soft pastel pink clouds drifting across the evening skies.
    Beautiful series of sky shots, Lindsey.

  5. Can't beat our beautiful Florida skies.
    Just popping in to catch up on your posts for the week. Where's the birthday post?! Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-)

  6. - thanks, those cactus really grow funny!

    SRQ - thanks, this one was just a little pink. I wish I had my camera the other day when it was very pink.

    Kathysue, thank you for commenting. I enjoy your blog.

    Thanks Pam!

    Martha, thanks, I didn't really post on any of my blogs this week. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yours is soon!


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