Monday, November 30, 2009

Sea Urchin Ornaments

We like to walk the beach often and when the weather is cooler we go more often. You never know what you are going to find. I don't know what it is that "dumps" certain sea life on the beach. The weather, time of year, currents, I just don't know, maybe I'll look into that. Anyway last January when Wade was running on the beach he told me that there were a ton of sea urchins. So when we went to the beach that evening for sunset to collected some. Then Maranda and I went the next week in the morning to collect some more, we couldn't believe how many were there. When we get them they still have most of their quills on them, so we look for the ones that most have fallen off. They are already dead, so we have to take them and clean them up. I make sure they are dry by letting them set in the sun. Then it easier to work with them. I do use bleach to make sure they are nice and clean.

When they were setting on the tack box drying, Maranda noticed the sizes and put them onto snowman. So the idea to make them into Sea Urchin Snowman came into play.

First I use some watered down glue and paint it on the shells, then sprinkle with snow glitter. Then I get some small ribbon and thread it through the natural holes in the shells. I put a large bead that will hold it inside the bottom one so it won't slip through. Using beads I glue on the eyes and nose. Glue the three sections together, and add a ribbon scarf. I am still trying to figure out what to use for a hat.

On the tree in action! I gotta find him a hat.

A preview of the next sea urchin ornaments, jellyfish!

Friday, November 27, 2009

For My Daughter

To my lovely daughter Maranda
I just have this to say
Have a very happy birthday
On this your special day

Oftimes you drive me crazy
It's like living in a zoo
You're a lazy, untidy so and so

Despite your found teenage-itis
Happy 15th Birthday
Lot’s of Love From Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday even though it is on BLACK FRIDAY!

I've added what I commented in the comments, because some of my family doesn't read them. I just wanted to put it here too: Maranda really is a sweet, kind hearted, well mannered girl that wouldn't say a mean word to anyone (well except maybe her mom). She's not your typical only child - teenager, she doesn't ask for much (of course she has most things). She is always concerned about "not wanting to talk me into things" (don't worry she can't do that). She will hold doors for strangers, and I've always gotten complimented on her behavior when we were out in public or at restaurants (once she got past that "tantrum" stage). She doesn't give me too much attitude, but she has perfected the "look", and the "what?" and "I will" with just the right (or wrong) tone.

Oh, and if anyone can help me get her to clean her room, please me!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

GGE Tiger Trot

Friday was our school's fundraiser the Tiger Trot. The kids run laps around the bus loop and get sponsors to donate money for each lap they run. The weeks before they are practicing for this during P.E. classes and of course that makes my job harder, bandaging up all the skinned knees and elbows. I think kids forget how to run, or they just don't run like we used to. It's funny, they would come into the Health Room with a stitch in their side and have no idea what this was. Or they don't know what sore muscle are. One came in short of breath.
me: Do you have asthma?
girl: No
me: What were you doing when you became short of breath?
girl: Running around the track.
me: That's what happens when you run a lot, you start breathing hard. Even I would be short of breath running like that!
Sheesh! I had her sit and rest.

I tell you, they have no idea what it's like, to not have computers and video games to play on and they have to go outside to play and make up games of your own. Okay - jumping off my soapbox.

For me the morning started like any other, breakfast morning duty. Everyone was happy to see me in this years Tiger Trot shirts. They get their T-shirt and water bottles when they get to class.
We have a small bunch at breakfast, maybe 200 at the most on good mornings. Starting a little slow.
I sit at the outer edge and have my "good manners" table. I can keep an eye on everyone. Some days I get a patrol to help out. Mostly to keep the back packs out of the doorway. I imagine they drop their book bags at the door at when they are at home!
Tiffany had to get in the shot, the other one she was in line and you couldn't see her. She's the first one to tell anyone that wants to sit with us that they have to have good manners to be able to sit at the "good manner" table. (Yes, I've taught them well)
When they are done eating they give the extras that were not touched to me. I bring them back to the Health Room for anyone who wants it. If a child didn't have time for breakfast, or didn't get enough at home. I hate to see it go to waste. This morning it started early. I think they were all excited. They didn't take time to eat. Look at how much leftovers today!

It was a beautiful day. I told our principal that she was lucky she put her order in early to guarantee such nice weather.

Staring early at 8:15 AM the classes get ready in the marked spots around the track. The second and third graders go first this year because they have a field trip to the Sarasota Renaissance Fair after they run.
And they're off.
I love it when they stop dead in their tracks to tie their shoes.
Of course a lot of socializing as well.
Standing there with a camera of course I'm going to hear. Miss Lyndsey take our picture.
Several from my "breakfast club". I did get permission from their parents to post them here.
We set up a boo boo area, well equipped. When they all start out running full speed all together, you are bound to get injuries. Here's Nurse Jaime fixing a bumped knee. One of many! Lily was a student nurse that worked with us last year. She wanted to volunteer today. I was able to join her at the start then I had to go inside to man the Health Room. They might need me in there.
Well it was very quiet. Not a creature was stirring. Later I did get to check the diabetics, before they went out to run, then a few kids that were over heated had to lay down to rest. All in all it was a fun day, but I'm glad it's over.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Siesta Beach (Picture heavy)

Maranda and I decided to walk Siesta Beach this morning. We figured if we were going to do Siesta we better do it now, because if we wait much longer it will be in the middle of tourist season and it will be too crowded. Right now is perfect, mostly Europeans are vacationing, then the "snow birds" start coming. February is peak "season" the east coast I guess has winter break. Then spring break! After that then we can start getting our beaches and restaurants back. We have to start adjusting our times we go to the beach and restaurants in "season".

Today was is beautiful! The kind of day that when we drove out to the beach we had the sunroof open, and the A/C on for the drive back at 11:00am. We started early around 9:30am. Not many clouds at all.

Of course we did get the stopped by the draw bridge on the way out to the key. I told M if she didn't run back in the house to get her sunglasses that she forgot we would of made it through. Ha ha! We turn right to Siesta rather than left to Turtle Beach when we get to the key.

The pavilion at Siesta Beach. They have the Kids Summer Beach Runs here and this is where you sign in and after the runs the kids get freeze pops.

They have several walkways to enter the beach. The parking lot is huge and so spread out you need many entrances and showers. But you still have to get there early if you want a parking spot.

The pavilion from the beach. It looks better closer and in person. They also have another area where most of the picnickers go. The have another covered area, playground, and several tables and grills. A lot of the sponsored racer will start off there. The volley ball nets are set up just on the beach from that area.

This was named #2 this year for Americas best beach. It is known for the very white soft sand. We had a cold front come in that had given us a couple of breezy days. We got there early enough to see some sand before it got walked humans.

My favorite life guard stand on the south end of the public beach.

The yellow life guard is writing the water temp and air temp and tide times for today. I could sit and watch him all day, just kidding.

It was so calm today I bet it would be great to kayak on the gulf. Okay enough of this life guard.

The beach sand area is quite large. I am down a ways at south end here, or rather SE because of the way it curves from Crescent Beach. That's why the sunset on Siesta Beach is over a small tip of land, you'll see it when we are at the north end past the public beach.

Yeah I had to get a water bird in this smooth sand. They are so funny, they run after the wave leaves to get sand fleas? or coquinas? then they run from the wave when it comes back.

Anyone for some beach yoga?
If you get there early enough it's still pleasant enough you don't sweat! We'll save you a spot.

The blue LG stand is the north end of the beach.

I have never seen bird lay down like this, several of the darker birds (I don't know what they are yet) were actually laying down in the sand. It looked so funny.

Then you can keep walking and's a very popular beach for walking. It is such a long stretch and enough hard packed sand it's easy to walk with or without shoes.

It's also a great place to people watch. You sure see all kinds, shapes and sizes. So what do you call an old man with a younger woman, if visa versa is called a cougar? That's a little old man with the tall lady. If she keeps tanning like that it won't be long and she'll look as old as him.

I certainly could of gotten more crazy, funny, different looking people shots, but I didn't want to look too obvious.

Time to leave, it's starting to get more and more people, almost 11:00. Wouldn't you know it we caught the draw bridge on the way off the key too! Saturdays!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!! Check out our lunch at Tijuana Flats on my food blog
The Tiny Skillet