Saturday, November 14, 2009

Siesta Beach (Picture heavy)

Maranda and I decided to walk Siesta Beach this morning. We figured if we were going to do Siesta we better do it now, because if we wait much longer it will be in the middle of tourist season and it will be too crowded. Right now is perfect, mostly Europeans are vacationing, then the "snow birds" start coming. February is peak "season" the east coast I guess has winter break. Then spring break! After that then we can start getting our beaches and restaurants back. We have to start adjusting our times we go to the beach and restaurants in "season".

Today was is beautiful! The kind of day that when we drove out to the beach we had the sunroof open, and the A/C on for the drive back at 11:00am. We started early around 9:30am. Not many clouds at all.

Of course we did get the stopped by the draw bridge on the way out to the key. I told M if she didn't run back in the house to get her sunglasses that she forgot we would of made it through. Ha ha! We turn right to Siesta rather than left to Turtle Beach when we get to the key.

The pavilion at Siesta Beach. They have the Kids Summer Beach Runs here and this is where you sign in and after the runs the kids get freeze pops.

They have several walkways to enter the beach. The parking lot is huge and so spread out you need many entrances and showers. But you still have to get there early if you want a parking spot.

The pavilion from the beach. It looks better closer and in person. They also have another area where most of the picnickers go. The have another covered area, playground, and several tables and grills. A lot of the sponsored racer will start off there. The volley ball nets are set up just on the beach from that area.

This was named #2 this year for Americas best beach. It is known for the very white soft sand. We had a cold front come in that had given us a couple of breezy days. We got there early enough to see some sand before it got walked humans.

My favorite life guard stand on the south end of the public beach.

The yellow life guard is writing the water temp and air temp and tide times for today. I could sit and watch him all day, just kidding.

It was so calm today I bet it would be great to kayak on the gulf. Okay enough of this life guard.

The beach sand area is quite large. I am down a ways at south end here, or rather SE because of the way it curves from Crescent Beach. That's why the sunset on Siesta Beach is over a small tip of land, you'll see it when we are at the north end past the public beach.

Yeah I had to get a water bird in this smooth sand. They are so funny, they run after the wave leaves to get sand fleas? or coquinas? then they run from the wave when it comes back.

Anyone for some beach yoga?
If you get there early enough it's still pleasant enough you don't sweat! We'll save you a spot.

The blue LG stand is the north end of the beach.

I have never seen bird lay down like this, several of the darker birds (I don't know what they are yet) were actually laying down in the sand. It looked so funny.

Then you can keep walking and's a very popular beach for walking. It is such a long stretch and enough hard packed sand it's easy to walk with or without shoes.

It's also a great place to people watch. You sure see all kinds, shapes and sizes. So what do you call an old man with a younger woman, if visa versa is called a cougar? That's a little old man with the tall lady. If she keeps tanning like that it won't be long and she'll look as old as him.

I certainly could of gotten more crazy, funny, different looking people shots, but I didn't want to look too obvious.

Time to leave, it's starting to get more and more people, almost 11:00. Wouldn't you know it we caught the draw bridge on the way off the key too! Saturdays!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!! Check out our lunch at Tijuana Flats on my food blog
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  1. The beach looks so beautiful by you!

  2. Phyrra, yes there are beautiful beaches around here. I know there are some pretty beaches by you as well. These are so close to me, I live just down several blocks from the road that leads to the key. You have to take advantage of it!

  3. I've been down to Indian Rocks and it was gorgeous.
    I always love the drive on the bridge from Tampa to Clearwater.
    Whether it's day or night, the water looks so beautiful.
    I really love Florida!

  4. I remember driving the bridge from Tampa to Clearwater. My grandma used to live in Clearwater, and Wade had some Jet Ski races off of the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Clearwater beaches are beautiful. I love going over the Skyway Bridge too. We are lucky to live in Florida!

  5. I truly LOVE Siesta Key Beach! It's gorgeous! I have to say I've never seen those birds that were laying down before! What are they and where did they come from? I see one of your readers has been to Indian Rocks Beach. That's where my inlaws condo is! I was just there today!

  6. Nice series oh photos :) The beach looks beautiful, interesting to know that it's America's #2 best beach. Birds laying down like that is something I have never seen also!

  7. Ida, Yes this beach is usually among the top ten, I sure it's because of the powder white sand, and it's so family friendly.

    The birds were so funny laying like that with their heads resting in the sand, I thought it was hurt at first, then I saw several others doing the same thing. It's not like they were laying down like laying on a nest like other birds do.

  8. I love those pictures...the man and woman...whoo hoo.....I am going to move by you someday...just beautiful...


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