Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yellow - Photo Hunt

For this week Photo Hunt it is "YELLOW" and I have a lot of yellow to show you! Since I couldn't decide you get to see a variety of "yellow" and I guess you could say that it is one of my favorite colors, so here they come....

The umbrellas at one of our favorite seaside eateries are now yellow, they used to be purple. Yellow looks much better.

The farmers market is full of color, this was the first time that I really noticed patty pan squash...

...and when you think of yellow don't sunflowers come to mind often? Sunflower and the sun!

This patty pan squash ended up in my pan and it was pretty good!

Our school or I should say the elementary school that I work at was lucky enough to get a Jorge Blanco sculpture "Cartwheel" as a permanent installation in the courtyard.

The school was the last of it's kind to be built in Sarasota and has won awards for it's design. When visitors come they are always delighted with it's look and the bright colors would make any one smile. This is the "yellow" wing, of the four color wing the school has.

My little pineapple was completely "yellow" when I picked it, and it was the best tasting...pineapple sweet off the vine!

On Anna Maria Island we enjoyed a walk amongst the colorful buildings on our way to our anniversary dinner out. Another colorful place that just makes you smile when you see it.

Lemon poppy seed cookies just needed the yellow plumeria to make it a perfect plate of cookies.

...and this plate of fried plantains are more of a golden yellow! Just the way I like them.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge now has a fresh coat of "yellow" paint. It took them quite awhile to get it finished...

...I sure wouldn't want that job, I can't imagine how the do it!

The "yellow" life guard stand at Siesta Beach is one of the brightest of the stands...the others are painted way to dark in my opinion.

Good to know he is ready and watching to save the troubled swimmer, just look at those waves out there in the Gulf :) Well maybe not today, it looks like a perfect day for swimming. I better get out there before it gets too crowded on this beautiful Saturday!

This lonely "yellow" flower popped up at the entrance to Turtle Beach I just had to grab a shot!

Enjoy your weekend!

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