Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Double Bloom Hibiscus ~Ruby Tuesday~

I have a few of these double bloom hibiscus in my yard. This red one and a peach color one. I like the single bloom better, just because it looks more like a hibiscus. These are dramatic though...

So I used it in one of my bento box lunches....

Just for looks, didn't eat this one. They do however used dried hibiscus to make tea.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunflower and Squash ~Mellow Yellow Monday~

I know I've posted these before on my Tiny Skillet blog, but I do love sunflowers. I couldn't resist taking the photo at the farmer's market sitting there next to the patty pan squash.
My sister has just finished a trip to the northern states and Canada. She said they drove by fields of sunflowers that stood taller than anyone and were as far as the eye could see. Yellow...yellow...yellow! This is joining all the other yellow photos at Mellow Yellow Monday .

Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Pink in the Sky ~SkyWatch Friday~

I entered my pictures in SkyWatch Friday very late this Friday so I'm just throwing in some that I took in my front yard and even captured the same cactus in the shot! I love Florida skies!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Come on Jump! ~Watery Wednesday~

Swim? Are you kidding?
We are dog sitting for our friend's dogs who are going to visit family in South Africa.

We like to document their time with us so their parents can feel at ease about leaving their fur babies with us!
I think they love the pool!

I don't think they have it too bad.

It doesn't take too much to cox them in...

Fun time on vacation!

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Lychee Anyone? ~ Ruby Tuesday~

My daughter has discovered that she loves lychees this summer! I love how they look and was so happy we were able to find some at our farmer's market, then again at a local produce store that we like to go to. You have to time it just right...we got lucky! With it's bumpy leather-like skin and the soft grape-like inside. It's juicy with a sweet almost "floral" taste!


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - Bird's Eye View

We go to the summer beach runs on Tuesday evenings. Hundreds of people show up for this event, and most are families. It is geared towards kids. Looking at this you wouldn't think it was so crowded at the beach at this time...

He's just hanging out watching everything...even the storm clouds that roll in that time of day! This has been added to Mellow Yellow Monday #82

Friday, August 13, 2010

Siesta Beach - Sky Watch - Friday

Every Tuesday in the summers they hold a fun run for families. They hold in the lat afternoon-early evening so people are off work and in is a little cooler....

...which is nice it give the family a chance to do things together, run, swim and meet with friends.
The only problem is... that is when the storms usually roll in...

The 1 mile run starts a 6:30 for the kids and not so serious runners. Then at 7:00 they hold a run that will take you to the "wall" which is at the end of Crescent Beach and back, about 5K. Some runs will add swimming or make take you over some soft sand for a cross country-like run. Some will add a little agility obstacles, like run over a picnic table and jump in a burlap sack. It was only rained out once this summer...

...but I have been able to capture many black skies and ominous clouds come rolling in. This one didn't have any lightning, and we were in the car driving off the key before the rain hit.

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Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Palms - Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday this week is -Palm- You just said the magic word! I love palms!

Many views of palms...

Many kinds of palms...

Many times of day...

Many locations...

They always seems to beg you to relax...

Just sitting there looking so peaceful (until a hurricane hits).

Some so tall and majestic! I even used this one for one of my blog buttons! Funny how they just want their picture taken, weather it's tall or short, big or small!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dolphin Fountain - Watery Wednesday!

The fountains are in Sarasota Bay Front Park. You walk past the kiddy fountains all the way to the end...
Downtown Sarasota in the background, and the marina. It's always a nice day to walk the park and dogs are welcome here...

It seems when my sister is visiting it's never working...
We've been several times since and it's always running....and I always have to get a pic!

He's getting a birds eye view!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weird Yellow Color Sky - same cactus -

Last Wednesday the sky was the strangest color yellow/orangey. I had to go out and take some photos. So strange they even mentioned it on the local news. I think it was like that all the way up to Tampa area too.
Here are the same cactus last week that I shot for Skywatch Friday last week.
It made everything look so weird, our pool looked green in with the blue water and yellow sky!
Doesn't it look like this is an old photo that faded?

Strangely enough we didn't get any rain from it...maybe just a few drops. Usually you think this is right before a big storm is coming.

I took a photo of the same cacti that was in last weeks Skywatch Friday. I guess we have a lot of interesting skies to watch here in Florida! This was entered in the blog roll for Skywatch Friday
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