Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dolphin Fountain - Watery Wednesday!

The fountains are in Sarasota Bay Front Park. You walk past the kiddy fountains all the way to the end...
Downtown Sarasota in the background, and the marina. It's always a nice day to walk the park and dogs are welcome here...

It seems when my sister is visiting it's never working...
We've been several times since and it's always running....and I always have to get a pic!

He's getting a birds eye view!

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  1. Dolphins are so beautiful to watch. They seem to enjoy leaping and cavorting in the water.

  2. Love the fountains! And the dolphins! Nice perch for the bird, ha ha!
    Watery Wednesday

  3. Lovely pics. I love the dolphin statue -- so picturesque. And, that seagull perched atop is funny. That's too bad it wasn't working when your sister was visiting. You'll have to go back when she's in town again. Stay dry today!

  4. Oh boy....I tellya, I'd want that in MY OWN BACK Yard!! Including the sea gull.

    My Watery and cloudy Wednesday Link

    Have a super day at your home!!! -or work :o)

  5. I really thought it's real until I look at it closely hehe. And also the bird is on top of one of the dolphin. That is a very cute shot!


  6. Oh, now that's a fun fountain! Great shots!

  7. Bayfront Park in Sarasota is a really nice place to relax and enjoy with lots of sights and sounds to please everyone. The Dolphin Statute is fantastic. I shoot lots of photos around here weekly. Nice blog. All the best.


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