Thursday, August 12, 2010

Palms - Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday this week is -Palm- You just said the magic word! I love palms!

Many views of palms...

Many kinds of palms...

Many times of day...

Many locations...

They always seems to beg you to relax...

Just sitting there looking so peaceful (until a hurricane hits).

Some so tall and majestic! I even used this one for one of my blog buttons! Funny how they just want their picture taken, weather it's tall or short, big or small!

See Theme Thursday for many more versions of palms!


  1. there is something archaic looking about palms

  2. Great pics - I had no idea how this theme would make me need some coconut!

  3. Ah..there's nothing like a palm tree! I wish there were more Royal Palms in SRQ lining the streets like they have in Ft. Myers. Those are amazing.

  4. oh took me just where i hoped. i could smell the ocean, hear the surf and appreciate the sun through the palms....nice. beautiful pics! happy tt!

  5. Nice views of palms. I miss palm trees. I miss Florida. Sigh.


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