Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Come on Jump! ~Watery Wednesday~

Swim? Are you kidding?
We are dog sitting for our friend's dogs who are going to visit family in South Africa.

We like to document their time with us so their parents can feel at ease about leaving their fur babies with us!
I think they love the pool!

I don't think they have it too bad.

It doesn't take too much to cox them in...

Fun time on vacation!

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  1. Fun, fun, fun!!!!! Now that gives a whole new meaning to dog days of summer.

    My Wednesday post:
    COAST GUARD on duty

  2. Now that's the life! They're lucky to have such a fun vacation. Nice series of pics.

  3. did you say," On your Mark.....

    They looked as though they were waiting patiently, no jumping the gun.

  4. I love it that want to swim too! Very cute! Their owners are lucky to have you for pet sitters.

  5. Hee, it looks as if they're not ever going to do that at first... :)

  6. JBar-thanks
    HOOTIN' ANNI - Ha! Yes it does.
    SRQ - thanks, they do have it pretty good!
    Ann - I know...they have such expression!
    EG Wow - We're lucky too because we can leave our dog with them when we go.

    gnoegnoe - I know the little one will jump in in a heartbeat, but the other didn't go in at all.


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