Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunflower and Squash ~Mellow Yellow Monday~

I know I've posted these before on my Tiny Skillet blog, but I do love sunflowers. I couldn't resist taking the photo at the farmer's market sitting there next to the patty pan squash.
My sister has just finished a trip to the northern states and Canada. She said they drove by fields of sunflowers that stood taller than anyone and were as far as the eye could see. Yellow...yellow...yellow! This is joining all the other yellow photos at Mellow Yellow Monday .


  1. I'm experiencing yellow in HD here!! :)Great shots!!

  2. Fantastic captures and so refreshing to see.

  3. Fields of sunflowers stretching away to the horizon are are a tremendous sight. I have walked among them in rural France. I do like you tiny yellow squash here too.

  4. Oh sunflowers are among my favorites - they have a way of cheering us up! Great shot :)

  5. Sunflowers are so cheery -- I love 'em! I wish I saw more here in FL.

  6. My first time to see a pan squash how to cook it? Same here I love sunflowers makes me happy!
    Something red, yellow & blue

  7. Those little squash, do you eat the skin as well?

  8. Fini - thank you!

    Poetic Shutterbug - thanks, that's a good discription!

    Julie -that is something I would love to do and bring my camera too!

    Ricepatty - thanks, yes cheery flowers they are.

    SRQ - I know, and if we do see sunflowers here they are so small.

    Manang Kim - You can cook them like you would summer squash. They stuff them a lot I think because of the shape, it really adds to the dish.

    Ann - Yes you can eat the skin like you would summer squash!


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