Thursday, July 29, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Monday we were out on our driveway and looking up at our San Pedro Cactus to see if any of the flowers were going to come out that night and the sky looked so cool.

So I grabbed my camera and started shooting.
Of course pretty much every evening or late afternoons in the summer here in Florida you can see the clouds come in from the east.

The sun was trying to peak through the clouds, but couldn't make it.

Some of the sun rays did peak through...but just a touch!

The same sky but facing the other way. It's so strange it is such a straight line like that.

I couldn't stop...

Thank goodness for digital cameras, we can just pop them in the computer and share them. I took a few more yesterday when the sky was the brightest yellow I've seen. So I went out to take the same photo of a totally different sky. It was such an unusual color they mentioned it on the news last night. They are still in my camera...I'll share them later.

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  1. I like your unusual perspectives of the cacti and the sky!

  2. That's a wonderful series of sky shots, Lyndsey. Its a shame the cactus wasn't blooming.

  3. The first photo looks like the clouds is being brush with white. Just gorgeous!


  4. Nice series Lindsey. Have a great weekend

  5. A beautiful Florida evening. The cactus intrigues me :-)

  6. different ways..great!!
    Grace Olsson

  7. Interesting that you have a cactus here. That shot of the clouds ending in a perfect straight line next to the blue sky is amazing -- cool. I heard about the crazy yellow sky the other night, but didn't really see it. I saw a friend's pics -- it must have been incredible to see in person. I'll look forward to you posting your pics.

  8. Did you get that weird yellow sky a few nights ago with the lightning storm over in your area? It was so odd!


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