Saturday, November 21, 2009

GGE Tiger Trot

Friday was our school's fundraiser the Tiger Trot. The kids run laps around the bus loop and get sponsors to donate money for each lap they run. The weeks before they are practicing for this during P.E. classes and of course that makes my job harder, bandaging up all the skinned knees and elbows. I think kids forget how to run, or they just don't run like we used to. It's funny, they would come into the Health Room with a stitch in their side and have no idea what this was. Or they don't know what sore muscle are. One came in short of breath.
me: Do you have asthma?
girl: No
me: What were you doing when you became short of breath?
girl: Running around the track.
me: That's what happens when you run a lot, you start breathing hard. Even I would be short of breath running like that!
Sheesh! I had her sit and rest.

I tell you, they have no idea what it's like, to not have computers and video games to play on and they have to go outside to play and make up games of your own. Okay - jumping off my soapbox.

For me the morning started like any other, breakfast morning duty. Everyone was happy to see me in this years Tiger Trot shirts. They get their T-shirt and water bottles when they get to class.
We have a small bunch at breakfast, maybe 200 at the most on good mornings. Starting a little slow.
I sit at the outer edge and have my "good manners" table. I can keep an eye on everyone. Some days I get a patrol to help out. Mostly to keep the back packs out of the doorway. I imagine they drop their book bags at the door at when they are at home!
Tiffany had to get in the shot, the other one she was in line and you couldn't see her. She's the first one to tell anyone that wants to sit with us that they have to have good manners to be able to sit at the "good manner" table. (Yes, I've taught them well)
When they are done eating they give the extras that were not touched to me. I bring them back to the Health Room for anyone who wants it. If a child didn't have time for breakfast, or didn't get enough at home. I hate to see it go to waste. This morning it started early. I think they were all excited. They didn't take time to eat. Look at how much leftovers today!

It was a beautiful day. I told our principal that she was lucky she put her order in early to guarantee such nice weather.

Staring early at 8:15 AM the classes get ready in the marked spots around the track. The second and third graders go first this year because they have a field trip to the Sarasota Renaissance Fair after they run.
And they're off.
I love it when they stop dead in their tracks to tie their shoes.
Of course a lot of socializing as well.
Standing there with a camera of course I'm going to hear. Miss Lyndsey take our picture.
Several from my "breakfast club". I did get permission from their parents to post them here.
We set up a boo boo area, well equipped. When they all start out running full speed all together, you are bound to get injuries. Here's Nurse Jaime fixing a bumped knee. One of many! Lily was a student nurse that worked with us last year. She wanted to volunteer today. I was able to join her at the start then I had to go inside to man the Health Room. They might need me in there.
Well it was very quiet. Not a creature was stirring. Later I did get to check the diabetics, before they went out to run, then a few kids that were over heated had to lay down to rest. All in all it was a fun day, but I'm glad it's over.


  1. Sounds like a great time...You work at a lovely school and sounds like you really love the kids and your job...Kudos to you...

  2. Thanks Krista! I do enjoy the kids (it's the parents that sometime drive us nuts) :)

    We are lucky to have such a beautiful school. It's bright and colorful! Everyone who comes here comments on it. It was new in 2001, built on the same property as the old one, that was mostly portables. The principal and staff here is wonderful to work with too. Which makes us double lucky!


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