Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy in the Health Room

I just wanted to share a little part of my day. Our job in the Health Room at the beginning of the year is getting all the paperwork for meds that have to be taken at school signed, sealed and delivered. That is a feat in it's self. You try getting all the correct info from doctors and parents! Then we have to get all the Yellow health emergency cards out, signed and back to us. We decided to wait instead of sending them out in last years report card so we won't have as many number changes. Meh, that didn't work, we still get phone number changes even if we got the cards last week (which we did). So now I have a pile of 750 cards that have to be alphabetized and filed in between all the kids that are coming in.

The students started back to school on Aug 24th. The first week was relatively quiet. We had already been prepped at our Summer Health Institute on what we have to do to try and prevent H1N1. So far so good. Most of the tummy aches were due to starting school nerves, I'm used to handling that. Sometimes a little too good, because they like coming back to see me.

This week was another story. I swear they all forgot how to run over the summer (must of been inside on the computer). We have a new P.E. Coach this year so he is sending everyone in to the Health Room. He says he has already gone though his box bandaids and is going to need more gloves. So maybe I could of seen a lot more! (He's doing great filling out the health slips)
Monday is always the worst day in the Health Room. For some reason coming back to school after the weekend is hard. We saw over 50 students, and today wasn't much better. Now this is common later on in the year, so I can hardly wait to see what it's going to be like. At least not much on H1N1, and thank goodness for those magic bags of ice!


  1. Wow are you keeping busy....That h1n1 is something to stay on top of. It is pretty nervy listening about it....

  2. I'm such a mean teacher. I rarely if ever allow my kids go get a bag of ice for their "boo-boos". I'm from the "rub some dirt on it and get over it" school.

  3. Joan, that's good, we have teacher's that will send them for ice for and injury that happened over the weekend! (duh, they want to get out of class) Then we do have some that will handle most issues in the classroom, if they do send someone you know they need it.

    We also fix eye glasses, we are always asked if we have belts, shoelaces, socks, jackets etc... We do have plenty of clothes they can change into, and I can go on.

  4. Lyndsey, are you a teacher, school nurse or doctor??? Just wanted to find out! he he...

  5. Kristy, I am a elementary school Health Room aide. We also have a nurse at our school full time for the students that medically need a nurse at school. Not all the schools have one full time. Our school has a PI (physically impaired) class, and several students that go here because we have a nurse. I can give meds, check blood sugar, tube feed, and basic first aide, and hand holding etc...he he


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