Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sarasota Bayfront Park - Island Park

We always enjoy going to Island Park near downtown Sarasota. We usually go on Sundays and can bring our dog with us and even if we stop to eat at O'leary's for breakfast or lunch it's okay to bring the dog. They added a Tikibar so it's fun to go later in the evening and listen to some island music.
There are fountains and a playground for younger kids. I used to take Maranda there when she was little. She would run all through the water without getting her face wet!

On the bay front her in February the have The Sarasota Season of Sculpture is a series of sculptures assembled in the park on the Bay front in downtown Sarasota, FL
They are usually on display in the winter high tourist season. Some of them are pretty far out there and some are very interesting.
The 26-foot sculpture, "Unconditional Surrender' is better known as the 'The Kiss,' based on the famous photo of a soldier returning from World War II kissing a nurse in New York's Times Square.

The artwork was first on display in 2005 and is back in the same location at U.S. Highway 41 and Ringling Causeway.
There are many people who want to see it stay, so much so there was a private buyer who stated he would buy it if it would stay at that bay front location. Then there is the other side who don't consider it art. I think the city still has to vote on it. We have to wait to see if it will stay.

When my sister is in town it seems this fountain is never working, so I always get a photo of it just for her. I think we have one on Mother's Day too. Tucker doesn't want to be in the photo, Wade is too far away taking the picture. He wants to be by him!

Marina Jack's in the background. There is a nice restaurant overlooking the Bay and and open deck grille and bar with a huge teak deck.

Always fun with dogs and water. We take him to the dog beach in Venice and Island Park, and
I think the other beaches that allow dogs are City Island down from Mote Marine, and Bird Key where we sometimes jet ski. Tucker is not good around jet skis, he just barks the whole time. I think he is trying to herd them!

The Ringling Causeway Bridge, another city controversy when it was built. Whether to replace the old draw bridge or put up this taller one that many boats can get under it.

O'Leary's Tiki Bar & Grill where you can also rent jet skis and paddle boats. This is also where the dingys land that go out to all the moored sailboats in the bay.

On the other side of the park they have the marina and you can rent the fishing boats, and deep sea fishing boats.
It's just part of Sarasota that we enjoy, if you are going to live this close to water you might as well enjoy it!
Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I love the last photo; the trees are shaped into a heart. And Tucker is adorable; I wish I had a fluffy dog too :(

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Looks like a very pretty area.


  3. I love the Bayfront! I don't go there enough! The girls enjoy the fountains, the playground and the tree swings! In fact I had Maddy's 4th birthday party there right before Mikayla was born. Your pictures are lovely, Sarasota is such a great little city!


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