Monday, August 3, 2009

Artichoke with Tarragon Dijon dipping sauce

Artichokes are always a treat. I buy them when they look good in the stores. Every once in awhile you run across a good looking artichoke at a good price. They are simple to prepare. Just cut off the stem and cut off the top. Then with kitchen shears, snip the sharp tips off the remaining leaves. Rub the cut edges with lemon. I like to steam mine in my spaghetti cooker/steamer. So after the artichoke is washed and trimmed just put it upright in steamer basket, and steam for 30-45 minutes. The leaves should pull out easy and the stem (bottom) tender.
Serve with melted butter with lemon and /or I made a tarragon, Dijon mayo to dip it in. If you don't eat all the heart use it in a salad or hot artichoke spinach dip. Yum. Do you have a dipping sauce you like with your artichokes?


  1. Artichokes have been one of my favorite foods since I was a young child. I usually eat them dipped in Best Foods (Hellman's in other parts of the country) mayo mixed w/ a little lemon juice. But your recipe for Tarragon Dijon dipping sauce sounds mouth-wateringly delicious. I can't wait to try it!

  2. Actually I did add some lemon juice to the mayo, dijon, and tarragon.

  3. I love the artichoke on your pic. It looks so cute! And you had a great idea to use butter and your mayo! :)


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