Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing with Summer Nail Colors

Maranda and I were playing around with some summer colors for our nails. We've had them all summer so they are not brand new today. I've worn the Orly on my toenails for awhile and really like how long it lasts.

Maranda is wearing Piggy Polish in Dancing With Daisies. She liked the name. Of course the picture doesn't do it justice. This was taken outside in the shade, with flash. It has an iridescence that I can't photograph well.

Maranda's nails used to be so long. I really have to teach her how to file them properly, instead of just clipping them off. She has such long fingers, toes and legs. One of her past teachers said she should be a hand model. hehe

Mom and daughter toes!

This is Orly in Terracotta, I love the bright coral color which is perfect for me for summer nails and toenails. The cream polish has staying power. We will definitely work on our swatching skills, or lack there of. Thanks for bearing with us.
What are some of your favorite colors for toenails in the summer?


  1. Pretty Colors!
    I love bright neon sky blue, like Color Club's Pure Energy.

  2. So pretty...Your feet look identical...I always look at my girls feet to see whose they look like and they have their dads feet...I am lazy and don't do my nails often. I love fall nail colors and right now I am actually wearing a holiday color on my nails that has some pretty sparkle to it..

  3. Great colors! I go back and forth between girly bright pinks and warmer corals during the summer so you can see why I like these you've shown here so much.

  4. You both have gorgeous feet! My daughter has long fingers and long nails, too - when she cuts her nails, they still look longer than mine (long)! I love the Terracotta - I've just discovered Orly, will have to find this shade at the store, before summer's over.

  5. I'm with Maranda, I LOVE the Dancing with Daisies color! Pink is usually my favorite but I love teal or a pretty purple for summer too!

  6. Phyrra...I'll have to check that one out, I love blue.

    Krista, Muse in the Kitchen...Funny you should say that about Maranda's feet. When Wade and I were in childbirthing class we were asked what trait of the other we wanted our child to have. Wade said my feet, because he though his were so ugly. She does have his long toes an her toenails are different than mine.

  7. Robyn... I like to switch off colors too. I thought the colors looked like you :)

    Melanie... You should see it in person, it really changes colors depending on the angle and the light.

  8. Lyndsey I'm so sorry if I've spelled your name wrong! I have to remember that there are 2 'ys'! :)

    I've tagged you on my blog!

  9. terracotta is BEAUTIFUL! i love it!


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