Monday, July 27, 2009

Jet Skiing (sort of)

I wanted to take a break and get off the computer and enjoy the beautiful area we live in. Wade was out with friends at Bird Key. He is trying to get over an injury, so he wanted to take it easy. Jeanne is trying to get back into the swing of things after her knee surgery last summer (was it really a year ago?) So she was taking it easy first time riding since her recovery. Yay, Jeanne and without pain! Gary wanted to make sure he would be stranded on his ski, that's when it's nice to bring Wade along.
Sarasota Bay the clouds were spectacular

We even saw dolphins, but I can never catch them in a good photo.
Jeanne and Gary riding

Maranda and I joined them at the Bay and it was a little late for us to ride, but it would of been a perfect day for it, so calm. Maranda still has to complete the Florida Boating Safety Course before she can take one out by herself. So I thought I would share with you what we saw and enjoyed.

The bayJeanne and Gary can't see Wade
Ringling Bridge
The Ringling Bridge
This is near down town and the purple building is the Van Weisel Preforming Arts.


  1. Gorgeous photos--looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. So pretty and it looks like so much fun...I wish I was near the water. We go to CT. almost every summer. That is where my husband is from and we can't stay off the beach. None of his family like the ocean but when we visit we are there everyday almost all day and we don't visit family til evening...We are beach lovers!!!! You are blessed!!!

  3. Elle, the clouds were amazing Sunday, I couldn't stop looking at them. The sky looked dark west of us, storms usually come in from the east this time of year. But once we got out to the bay it was clear.

    Krista, we live about 4 minutes from the gulf. We had to drive about 15 to get to the bay which is near downtown Sarasota. With Wade's jet ski racing and growing up near the water in Michigan this was an easy choice. We still get excited everytime we see dolphins or manatees. We love it and enjoy it.


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