Thursday, August 13, 2009

While Waiting for my Zoya

With everyone talking about already getting their free Zoya it's hard to sit back and wait. I should be getting mine soon, like today or tomorrow (hopefully). So I went to Ulta and found some fun polish on clearance. Of course in Florida we tend to carry the summer season a little farther than in other places. I wear sandals to work, and colors are always bright.

This Piggy Polish came with a base coat and top coat. The color is Live with Purplish.

I love this! It was hard to get a good photo of it in the sun, but you can get an idea how the light plays off it. In indoor light it has a nice purple frosted-like look. With all that glitter, shimmer-ness it is very smooth to the touch, it feels no different than any other gloss polish. It's the Diamond Dust formulation, from their Designer Series by O.P.I. in Amethyst. I love this product! It has a large, flat, soft brush that lets the polish go on so smooth. The coverage is so complete and it dries super fast. I also got it in Chiffon and wish I would of also picked up the Platinum. Now we'll see how long it lasts.


  1. Oooh, I like the purple.

    The "Zoya" link doesn't work. =(

  2. Thanks Joan, I think I fixed the link.

  3. oooo I love both of those. See you have nice feet...mine aren't...

  4. I love that color you put on your fingernails! I never thought of the toxic effects of nail polish..thanks for mentioning their on Maui I never go w/o toe nail polish and because I have done that for so many I 'cant' go w/o it...toenails look horrible :( I probably have infused them w/ so many toxins. Must look into ordering some of that zoya polish.

    in other news...I gave you a blog's here on my blog for you to pick up:


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