Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Little Pineapple

Just harvested today. Had it for lunch!

I planted the top of a pineapple that we bought at the store. I just cut it off and stuck it in the ground outside. It's was not in full sun and it survived, with little attention given it. I had heard that it takes about 4 years before it will produce a fruit. Well it took at least that. I planted another one in a pot next to it with a philodendron and that one ended up with a fruit last year about a year before this one. I wasn't sure if it would fruit again, but I left it in the planter and the plant did get a new center and is still growing. On this plant a new center pushed its way up and was tipping my little pineapple over, enough so the top was starting to tilt.

It's fun when you first notice the little top of the fruit popping through. This photo was taken in March.

I never realized that the fruit had these little purple flowers on them, at this stage.

Here it is! Four years and some later here it is, it's so tiny, but tasty. If you ever get the chance to eat "vine" ripened pineapple it's Delicious! The new top of the one from the pot last year was so pretty I planted that one in a pot too. I'll have to wait to see if either mother plant with fruit again or it the new fruit top will. I know it's quicker in the planter, and if you are in a cooler climate you could move it inside for the winter. Anyone else have some interesting fruit or plants that you like to watch? (or not) This one was a little neglected.


  1. I love your little pineapple! Did you share it or keep it for yourself?

  2. I'm so jealous you can grow pineapple! I'll bet it was sweet and wonderful. =)

  3. That looks yummy! I love pineapple.

  4. I bet it was delicious, I love pineapple! I don't have any fruits, or, veggies planted here, just herbs and flowers.

  5. that is so awesome! I have heard about doing that but never'd think I should have by now being that I live on Maui lol! We used to drive on some of the pineapple harvesting roads for a little offroading fun and often we would find tons of pineapples that the trucks lose..or perhaps throw off because they are too ripe for shipping..but perfect for us. SOOOOO yum! :P

    Thanks for you comment on my blog...I'm glad you like my anklets :o)

  6. Jamee, Your welcome and yes I remember the pineapple fields when I lived in Hawaii. That's where I had my first fresh off the stalk, roadside pineapple! Yum, so sweet.

    And Robyn, yes I shared my little pineapple with Maranda.

    Joan, I'm sure there are a lot of things you can grow there that we can't here. You could always put it in a planter.

    M B, herbs and flowers are good. You should see my Rosemary.

    Michelle, Thanks

  7. I love the little pineapple too! I just threw away a pineapple top, but thought about planting it for just a minute. You inspired me to give it a shot with my next pineapple.


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