Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Favorites

I am so, so picky when it comes to my lip balms. I love Mentholatum and have been using it for years. I have one by my side at all times (almost). I like the consistency of it on my lips. It's not too dry or too greasy, and the best part it has SPF 30. Often we forget to protect our lips from the sun. I have even used it on the tops of my ears if I'm caught out in the sun too long (I tend not to put sunscreen on my ear tops in a everyday routine). In a pinch this will work. It doesn't taste funny either and make my throat feel funny. (I told you I was picky) I won't leave home with out it.

My nighttime favorite is Aromaleigh lipbalm here is what the website says about their balm:

Our balms are all delicately fragranced with the best essential oils and absolutes. They are quite unlike traditional synthetically-scented and flavored lipbalms that you might be used to. Our balms don't actually taste like their namesakes, they are fragranced to smell like them... but your sense of smell and taste are very much entwined, so you might be fooled into thinking otherwise! Our balms are gently fragranced with their namesake essential oils and absolutes, so as not to overwhelm you, and to give you the most enjoyable aromatherapy experience possible!

It is a treat and I use it around my eyes and any where you need extra moisture and pampering. They come in so many fragrance you'll never get bored! I like the feel of this on my lips as well and don't feel right going to bed without it. That reminds me I need to order more, mine is running low, hummm what flavor should I try next?


  1. I love the Aromaleigh lip balm and I try to use it everyday. The Natural Ice sounds really good especially when you are outside...

  2. I never had a "go to" lip balm until I found Aromaleigh. My favorite that's in my bedside table is Delicate Vanilla Bean. I also have French Cocoa Bliss (DD's fave) in my purse. DS's fave is Key Lime Pie. He keeps it by his bed. I always put some of it on when I'm reading him his story.

  3. I feel like I'm missing out. I never even heard of it. Is it that good? I think I might have to order some. I see they take Paypal. I just got paid from Foodbuzz yesterday an it's burning a hole in my pocket (Computer?).


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