Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite brushed for applying my mineral makeup. Below the top brush I use everyday to apply my eyeshadow wet. It's a 1/4 " flat (shader). The next one down is 1/8" flat (shader) I like to use with the gel liner it, use the flat edge lined up with the edge of your lashes, kinda like the one stroke painting when she uses a flat brush to paint a line. It holds up well to the thicker gel. The thin liner brush I use for wet lining with the loose mineral shadow and sealant. The bottom brush is a smudge brush, used to smudge, hehe.

These are some pencil brushes I like to use for the crease or dry lining top or bottom lash line.

I am really liking my ecoTools travel kit brushes. I use this for my blush and the others for shadows. The middle one is nice for highlighting under the brow.

My fiber optic brushes I use for my finishing powders and perle powders.

Just a few of my favorite brushes that I use most. Some I got a Michaels and spent just a couple of dollars on, my flat shader I use and clean everyday and it's held up just fine. What are some of your favorites that you use everyday?


  1. I've thought about trying some of the brushes from the craft store before, but I wasn't sure if it would work well, so, thanks for this!:) I have a smudge brush that AL used to carry that I use almost everyday for my eyeshadow.


  2. I got the idea to try craft brushes from Aromaleigh Forum, Melissa (Mom of 2 Angels) uses them. The 1/4" flat I use wet, just sprinkle some shadow in my little palette (under a dollar at Michaels) get the right consistency and smooth it on. My shadow stays on all day and doesn't crease, use it like a base. Then just wash the brush.

    Yes that smudge brush is wonderful.

  3. I use the Aromaleigh cute fiber optic eye brush..that is a must have!!!

  4. Hi Krista, I have the AL small FO brush I just don't use it that often. I like the control the pencil brush gives and I think I wear my colors darker. Thanks for the input I think other would love that one if they like a light wash of color!

  5. I love those fiber optic brushes! I use them every day. They're so soft!

  6. Was this post for me? You knew I was going to ask about brushes when I got my makeup, didn't you? ;-) Thanks for the info. My makeup was backordered :-( Waiting for eye liner.

  7. I've no idea what is my favourite! I've not put on any make up for a long time. All I did was juz put on a little lipstick and eyeshadow when attending dinner or on special occasion. he he...

  8. Megan, just let me know if you have any questions. The right brushes help!

    Kristy, that's the nice thing about mineral makeup you don't feel like you are wearing any at all.


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