Monday, September 7, 2009

My Labor Day Weekend (pretty calm)

My weekend has been pretty quiet, with Wade being out of town. Maranda starts school on Tuesday. I've had plenty of time to get her school supplies and clothes ready. We had such a hard time finding khaki pants that fit her though. Everywhere we go they had plenty of jeans, but she can only wear khaki. I think we have enough for now, but only one pair of shorts. We have it all worked out how she is getting home. Her school gets out at 2:00 PM I don't get out until 3:30 PM.
So yesterday she asked me to cut her hair about 2" all around (she showed me about 3" where she wanted it cut). Then she wanted her bangs shorter than the rest of her hair, just a tad longer than her chin, and she wanted it tapered from there blending in with the rest of her hair, then she wanted it layered in the back to give it more lift. Whew! I think I got it! With all her hair she had to sit through a lot. So last night before she went to bed I did get a picture of the back.

You can see the layers a little, but I can always go shorter. She's got that wave in her hair that wants to flip up in spots. I took probably 4" off by the time I was finished. At least she was happy with it.

I started making vanilla extract, it should take about 6-8 weeks. Done in time for the holidays.
I also started a food blog, The Tiny Skillet I figured I would keep my food tips and recipes separate, but if you want I can still post some here too. One problem with a food blog is you have to take pictures of everything. Tucker thinks I'm nuts, he follows me, thinking he might get something, then flash, flash. Then I move the food back, he's really getting excited because he sees all the food left on the plate. Mind you we don't feed him people food, he has allergies and we don't want to mess that up. But that doesn't stop him from hoping something might fall and it's his! Got a shot of him as long as he was laying there and my camera was out. I have a lot like that I guess.
Today Maranda was shopping with a friend so I thought I'd run to Sally's to find the African royale hot six oil that Robyn over at Robyn's Nest Blog has been using for the past 5 years. Our Sally's doesn't carry it, either does our Walgreens, but Sally's was having a Labor Day Sale including 50% off their clearance items. They had some sulfate, and paraben free and cruelty free hair products that ended up being $2.50 each. We all are trying to stay sulfate and paraben free (and always cruelty free). So I got shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, texture cream, and bohemian beach spray.

See I told you it's been pretty laid back. Well Maranda is back (she got some hand sanitizer at Bath and Body. She'll need that this year, we don't want the swine flu in this house) so we are going swimming. Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day!


  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend! Quiet and mostly relaxing! I wish I had a pool! I'd spend the whole summer in it! I hope Maranda has a good first week back at school! Her hair looks good too by the way! And what's the link to your food blog?

  2. I know, duh, I caught that later and did add it in the text above. There is also a button in the sidebar.

    Thanks, I've been cutting her hair for a long time now, and I'm glad she likes it.

  3. Gorgeous hair!

    We spent today in the pool too. These are the last days of summer...*sigh*

  4. You did a great job on Maranda's hair!

  5. Your daughters hair looks really nice. I can not cut hair for the life of me...Your daughter and dog look like they are having a lot of fun!!!

  6. I can see that you guys are having lots of fun! so, are you a stylist too??? ha ha...


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