Monday, September 28, 2009

School Breakfast Club

My morning duty before school starts is breakfast. I've been doing this for years. Breakfast isn't as busy, loud or chaotic as lunch. I make sure it's a nice atmosphere. We don't have all the lights on so it's not so bright. They can get up and get a spoon or a straw that they forgot without asking. This year we don't have a rowdy 5th grade table that I have to worry about. My biggest issue is getting the Kindergartners to eat and not socialize so much, so they can make it to class by 8:00 am.
I usually bring my Ginger and Raspberry cereal and eat right along with them (sitting and the edge where I can still see everyone). They know I'm watching. I have what I call my breakfast club. We'll include everyone. It's a nice way to start the day.
I've even gotten used to watch them pour chocolate or strawberry milk over their Cinnamon Toast Crunch and eating it. Using 2 packets of jelly on one piece of toast. And some do like grits and eat their oatmeal!
I have them trained to not throw away milk, juice or cereal that was not opened. I take that back to the clinic and put it in the refrigerator. They can come and eat it when they are hungry or save it for kids that didn't have time to eat breakfast!
I've even had two sisters with lollipops in their mouth tell me (after I asked them not to eat candy for breakfast) that their mom gave it to them, just as she was walking up with their breakfast tray. Go figure!
So I you are visiting our school, please stop by for breakfast. Like I said we welcome anyone!


  1. awww...I would totally come! I loved having lunch with all the kiddos when my son was in K-garden. I really miss it. I REALLY miss being a sub teachers aid...that was when I was in Cali. They don't hire them much here on Maui..not enough money. In fact all the kids now get 2 fridays off a month and the teachers had to take a pay cut on top of that. I'm so glad to have access to my nephews more..but feel badly for the teachers who deserve raises..not these constant pay cuts.

    I do envy your job though..I was happiest when working at the schools :)

  2. Thanks Jamee, you always leave such interesting comments. I do enjoy the kids, and that is why we do what we do. It sure isn't for the pay!

    This morning I had a big group around me. I was telling them that I posted this about them. I had a girl next to me I didn't photogragh yet, I told her I would have to do it again sometime and get my big group in the picture. A mom who was paying her child's lunch tab walked by and said my what a nice breakfast club. We thought that was so funny b/c that's what we call it. What fun!!


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