Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Favorites

This is a new favorite of mine, as a matter of fact just this week. I was so happy with this polish that I was showing everyone at work my nails. A little while back I was reading on a friends blog Krista' Fascinations about SpaRitual nail polish that lasted her for a while. I was surprised and had to ask about it. Well I haven't had time to order it, but I found my Orly and wore it for this week. I used OPI base coat, 2 coats of Orly "cupcake" then Piggy Polish Over the Top on top.
I don't know which one did it or all three but it lasted me all week. I mean not one chip. Check out the photos. I only reapplied the top coat on one finger (left ring finger) Wed night.

Now mind you I don't have a dishwasher, and I did dishes, I work in the school's clinic so I wash my hands all the time! Not one chip all week I was thrilled, so much I had to share!


  1. That's awesome that it didn't chip at all! I can't seem to last two days with my nails.


  2. I know, that's all mine used to last about two days. I was shocked, that's why I showed everyone (they kinda gave me funny look, like oh, that's nice)

    I still have it on now, I hate taking off good polish, lol. My left ring finger is the only one that's starting to show wear.

  3. visit me ~ you've been splashed! (Just a little recognition for being a wonderful blogger!)

  4. I love that color...Your nails look sooooo pretty!!! I have a dishwasher but I am old fashioned and still wash by hand with no gloves. Dishwasher I use when we have a holiday!!!

  5. Wow that's amazing! I hate how quick my polishes chip..even w/ a top coat. I know I just buy the walmart cheapies and that why. When I got a pedicure at the salon it lasted so long on my toes that the polish was growing w/ them and you started to see the non polished part in the back as my nails grew. There is really something to be said for spending a little more for some good polish.

    I've gotten 3 new colors in the last couple of weeks. A flat gray...I really love this one it's much different then my frosty silvers. I wore a lot of purple gray and black last week and it looked really nice w/ it. Then I got a frosty lime and a mom bought me a bright purple flat. I haven't tried the last two yet..havent had time!

  6. Jonara Blu Maui, I finally took it off yesterday. I bought this color Orly at Ulta on clearance and now am checking the clearance bin each time for it. You can also get it a Bed Bath and Beyond and use your 20% off coupon, but they have a limited color choice. So you can still get a quality product pretty reasonable. I think I'm sticking with the same base and top coat! Thanks for your comment!


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