Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My first shot at night photography with this outdated camera. Next time I'm using a tripod.


  1. Oh man..I think I lost my post I just did..getting too click happy and forgot to put in the code. So I hope you don't get this twice.

    anyways..I was telling you that the reason I was able to grab my camera so fast is because the whole cat vs pheasant scenerio was happening right outside my office window where I was at my desk. Pheasant call was LOUD and it kinda freaked me out lol! I had my camera on the desk for uploading to my was able to grab it quickly as I ran out.

    I wish you could have gotten a pic of that cat/bird-feeder/squirrel..that would have been so cute!

  2. Such a beautiful photo! I guess I've missed out quite a lot here. Regarding the salt lamp, I'm using it too. It's a very common product over here and we can easily get them from the market. Yeah, it's a very useful product especially now, H1N1 thing going on. It's used to purify air and to kill germs, though it looks absolutely gorgeous in the room as well! So, what are you waiting for...get a few more and place them in every room!he he....

  3. Jamee, I know I had my camera, but the battery needed charging! :(

    Kristy, I have one at home and one in my office, but I really think I'll get more. I do love how they look, and now that you swear by it, you're right what am I waiting for?


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