Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to Vote

A little while back I wrote a post about all the places in Sarasota and the bay area I've been visiting, while taking pictures for a contest put on by Aromaleigh . That is where we all try to get creative and take photos of Aromaleigh products in all sorts of locations. It was for the contest "Where in the world is Aroamaleigh?" Two of my photos made the finals and you can vote for one HERE. My first photo is of the sculpture on The Bay Front Unconditional Surrender also known as "The Kiss" with the WW II sailor and the nurse. My second photo is of Aromaleigh written in the sand of the #2 rated beach in the US this year Siesta Beach. So if you would be so kind to check them out and cast a vote. The time to vote is now! Voting is open until Sep 16 so plenty of time to tell your friends.

Also check out the Shine a Light support my small business national contest and Aromaleigh is now at # 5 and climbing. The information is in the sidebar. Thanks everyone!

Edited to add: Late yesterday they voted in favor of keeping the sculptor where it is on the bay front for the next ten years! The donor was very happy! (Paid $500,000.00)


  1. There are so many photos that I wanted to vote for! They're all gorgeous :)

  2. Lyndsey, I think the first photo looks great! Hope you'll win in the contest! Good Luck!

  3. I voted! You seem to be doing pretty good in the contest. Good luck!


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