Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sky Watch Friday~ Another Sunset~

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico at Sarasota, Florida. There were so many more colors that you could see in person! I wish it showed up on in the photo as vivid! So many birds were out this evening, and it was a lovely beach walk! There was a green flash with this one too!

Check out all the others who joined this weeks Sky Watch Friday they are from all around the planet!


  1. This is a gorgeous sky shot. I love the soft purple and pinks along the skyline.

  2. Awesome capture! The clouds are so low you could almost touch them. Very cool you saw the green flash. Sounds like a great night.

  3. lovely sunset, complete with birds in flight.

  4. The colours are so incredibly beautiful! It's a WOW!

  5. I know just the beautiful colors you are talking about that doesn't show up on our photos - well, except for the green one (see comment on Tiny Skillet!)

    Have a great weekend :-)


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