Thursday, September 2, 2010

X Marks the spot ~SkyWatch Friday~

We were driving through Atlanta on the way home to Florida. I am always checking the skies and when I spotted this X I grabbed my camera and took the photo through the windshield. It was almost looking into the sun, but I had to get the X, I thought it was interesting. Pardon the dirty after driving forever windscreen that it was taken through. My husband was driving of course!

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  1. This would be a good ABC Wednesday for the Letter X. I see those skies but usually don't have my camera ready, or the windshield is dirty (sigh)

  2. X marks the spot for the hidden treasure! Go back!

  3. X marked the sky shot for you, didn't it Lyndsey!
    I think that was a once in a life time photo opp.
    Have a delightful weekend.

  4. Good eye! And perfect for SkyWatch. Hope you had a nice getaway. I always find the drive from the Florida border to the Tampa area to be interminable. At least you had a nice distraction with the X.


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