Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lido Beach on Labor Day

I'm going to add this photo to... Color Carnival check it out for more colorful pictures... Wade was out of state for Labor Day weekend so Maranda and I decided to check out some different beaches. We first went to Lido Beach to see if we could find some of the good shells that they seem to have there. Lido beach is just beyond St Armand's Circle out on the Gulf of Mexico.
You know me...I always have to check out the life guard hut. They have a pretty little sea life mural on theirs. Seagulls are included.

This lady was quietly reading her book and a scrub jay landed right in front of her as we were walking by. It was facing her and checking things out. I think he just realized it was a person because he flew away just after I took the click. I have never seen them on the beach before usually we see plenty of scrub jays at Oscar Scherer State Park down in Osprey.

We went later in the day to avoid the Labor Day beach crowds, but then forgot they also have a beach sunset crowd. We were surprised how busy it still was...

So we decided to go further south to South Lido Park. I parked close and in the shade. but didn't realize you can't park under the street lamps.

They tend to be a popular hangout for the fine feathered crowd, and that just doesn't make for a good place to park. Even with the short time I was there I was lucky to get a nice design of little white dots to decorate my care. Now just hope for rain!

At South Lido there were less people and the beach stretched out for quite a ways. The clouds came upon the horizon so we didn't catch a good sun setting over the water...they probably had that at Lido Beach...

The clouds were a lot more colorful in person, but I was able to get a few nice shots.

The sea wheat always add to the pictures.

There were a few boats heading out into the Gulf from the intercoastal.

We did enjoy our outing and it was nice to get some different views.

We used to go on the intercoastal side all the time because you can bring the jet skis up on shore there and it was close to the gulf if you wanted to catch some waves.

From here you can go into the intercoastal you can go into Sarasota Bay or into the mangroves, there is a lot of water sports going on.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It only took me a week to post my photos!


  1. What a lovely beach! I enjoyed all the photos, love especially the sunset shot, so awesome.
    The umbrella shot is perfect for CC.

  2. Nice series of pics. Lido beach is terrific, isn't it?! Glad you had a nice holiday weekend.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, Lyndsey. I never get tired of seeing beautiful views by the sea.

  4. The west coast has magnificent sunsets, Lyndsey... I extremely jealous, our sunrises aren't half as beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous photos Lyndsey! I am so far behind on blogging, it's all that work and stuff ::sigh:: we really should try to get together again for the drum circle before season hits! Hope your school year is off to a good start :-)

  6. Your photos are fun. I know what you mean about being behind in your blogging. I have posts up but have many, many bloggers to visit!

  7. Jama - thank you so nice of you to say!

    SRQ - thanks! I really love all our beaches here, I like how different they are.

    Pam - yes we try to enjoy as many sunsets over the gulf as possible. You have to get up pretty early to catch a sunrise! :D

    Martha - yes definitely! we should get together again for sure. Now is starting to be the time to get out there before all the tourists crowd the beaches!

    EG Wow - thank you, happy that you enjoyed them. My daughter just puts up with me when I am stopping all the time to photograph everything. Maybe on some rainy day we can get caught up more!

  8. Thanks for the trip. I never thought I would ever visit Lido Beach. Love the shot of the clouds and especially that umbrella


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