Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Turtle Beach ~ Watery Wednesday~

Need I say more?

These were taken at Turtle Beach in Sarasota Florida. It is just south on Siesta Key from Crescent Beach. We usually can get a parking spot there if the other beaches are full.

There are always plenty of birds...
and fishing...
or just go for a stroll down the beach...
listening to the surf...

The sand is a little more coarse there, not the white powder of Siesta and Crescent beach.
I added this to...

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  1. Beautiful beach. I love the birds, great photos!

  2. next time you go, can you get the address of the handsome hunk?

  3. eileeninmd - there are always so many interesting birds around the water...I should always bring my camera!

    JBar - it's the closest beach to us just a 5 min drive. Siesta Beach is a mile north and has been #2 best beach in America this year and last.

    Ann - Hahaha! Yes I'll do that just for you!

  4. I'd very much like to take my camera there. I cannot believe how close you can get to the big bird!

  5. Those birds strolling the beach are too cute! Believe it or not, I've never been to Turtle Beach. I've driven by it, but I always end up at Siesta. I definitely have to check it out.

  6. gorgeous! I have never seen a herron so close to people before!

  7. Great shots Lyndsey! I especially love the first one. I think when we met at the drum circle was the last time I've made it to the beach - and I am in walking distance! Isn't that terrible?!!!


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