Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watery Wednesday ~ A View of O' Leary's

This is one of my favorite photos of the bay near Sarasota Bay Front, I'm sure I've posted it before, but I'm bringing it back for Watery Wednesday! The tree seem to form a heart around it. After storms they always have to remove the boats that are left there, damaged or washed ashore.

O' Leary's is a Tiki Bar-restaurant-jet ski and paddle boat rental.
We like going there because we can bring our dog and sit outside and eat. They did a lot of remodeling and have a covered deck that is a little cooler for the dogs in the summer. It's just so nice to sit out on the bay and enjoy the water and living in Florida!

Of course it give me a good excuse to link this to:
Watery Wednesday


  1. Terrific shots. I especially like the view between the trees.

  2. Yes, yes!!! It does resemble a heart. I'm glad you reposted to share with us for today.

    My Wednesday Photo Link

    I do hope you stop by for a visit if time allows!! Have a wonderful wednesday!

  3. Oh it looks like a comfortable spot to spend an afternoon!

  4. A Tiki-bar! Love that palm in the last shot!

  5. I love it there too Lyndsey, probably one of my favorite spots in our area. Maybe we should make that our next spot to meet up to spend a weekend afternoon :-)

  6. O'Leary's is a great spot. One of these days we're going to bump into each other!


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