Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watery Wednesday ~ Water Marks

There was actually water trickling over this, but you can't really see it...

This is what I saw after the first pics were taken. I was at the summer beach runs...

...a different day, and different marks...

...different view from looking up after taking the photo...

...and the marks that water left behind.

When you live in a beach town...you get a lot of beach shots! Check it out here to see many more Watery Wednesday photos from all over the world, but not on Mars, because there is no water on Mars!


  1. Beautifully calming. Reminiscing about the beach marks we saw in Sanibel last August. sigh... :)

  2. what a beautiful spot. i could see myself taking long walks.

    my entry is at http://ewok1993.woredpress.com

  3. Wonderful and fun.
    Great captures.
    Happy WW.

  4. Cool impressions left by Mother Nature.

  5. Just WALKING on the beach sometimes can be hard on the calves...I can't imagine running for a long distance. Great sand photos.

    My Wednesday blog is:
    Black Night Heron
    Your company is always a special treat.


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