Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clouds like a down comforter ~ Sky Watch Friday

It started out a beautiful day in the intercoastal waterway, perfect for a boat ride....then the clouds came in...

Not big threatening clouds, but when I was sitting in the bow of the boat I looked up and saw a solid fluffy blanket...

This is the way it ended up on the way back, but it was still a fun boat ride.

Added to Sky Watch Friday.


  1. I'll take your cloudy boat ride over our freezing temps anyday. :) The clouds are very pretty though. Lovely pictures.

  2. Beautiful clouds. It is always fun to watch those float around.

  3. Sounds like a nice day to me! You don't want to have too much sun when you're out all day on the water. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Lyndz, still remember what I said earlier regarding those wavy clouds. Those are the sign of earthquake! And I've been seeing this kind of clouds for the past few days. And not feeling so right cause there're other signs as well. Like those fishermen, they suddenly caught many many big fish and fishes they seldom seen over here. I'm worried if there's another gigantic earthquake or tsunami going to strike Indonesia or wherever.


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