Thursday, March 31, 2011

Water Tower ~ Scepter ~

When I first discovered Sky Watch Friday I was thrilled because I always have my eye on the sky. I used to call interesting skies "painter skies" when they looked fake or something a artist would paint. Anyway we were driving home from Sarasota Pavilion going through the back way, and I saw the water tower with the clouds behind it. (it kind of looks like a scepter) It looked so cool I had to go home and get my camera. When I got back I parked my car so I wouldn't have to drive and shoot (a photo). I did have to stand in the middle of the road to get the shot that I saw when I was driving by. As I was walking back to my car this guy pulls in the parking spot next to me... Now you have to understand that I parked way at the end of the lot and this was not the main thoroughfare it was the back way. He leans out and asks me what I was taking a picture you see a bird? Yes, I said...that's it a bird! He said where? is it still there? I don't see it? Of all times for someone to actually stop and ask... I had to laugh...Yes, it must of flown away! :D When I saw the photo it just didn't capture the unusual look that I saw when I saw it in person with my own eyes! But here it is anyway! This and many more at Sky Watch Friday is for all of you with your eyes in the skies. Enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful sky--can't beat a blue sky with awesome white clouds. Lovely. Mickie :)


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