Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why I don't do Christmas card photos...

My older sister was married way before I was. My younger sister got married probably five or six years before me (not really sure) but for years ahead of me they were able to send photos as cards or with their Christmas cards, they were adorable! My cousins and friends also did this, and one cousin's wife, well and others would write the yearly update letter. It's amazing how accomplished their family was and how active their kids were. Of course they had the flair to put it down so cleverly in words, and copied on such festive paper. Well intimidating as this was, by the time I was married and had one child I thought it would be a nice thing to do. Now I have experience in photography, took a lot of photos throughout the years. I had my 35mm that I controlled all the settings...shutter speed, aperture, film speed etc... piece of cake!
This is the cards that I bought to put the photo in. (I actually had to cut the wrapper open today to scan it!) So just to give you an idea! If anyone wants them I'll send them to you, never been used.
Aren't they just the cutest? This was 1987. I think there were some earlier ones, this is what I found.
Oh, another one in 1988...and she had three kids to line up! She sent these for years, even with them all grown. Can't wait to see this years with Ryan married and with a baby of his own.
My little sisters girls. Now I see you don't always have to have a Christmas theme if you get an adorable photo during the year and remember where it is. Even on a beach on Lake Michigan will turn out great!
But the in front of the Christmas tree ones, you can't beat it! She also sent these through the years. The girls are older here so that should be a snap, but look how nice the dog is sitting!
So with all this in mind, but the first Christmas she was 1 month old, and I haven't a clue what I did. The next year, a great picture...

but a little late!
Okay, lets decorate the chair in Christmas fabric next to the tree...perfect!

again, oops, again!

Okay, this year lets try one outside with the dog. Again Christmas decorations for that special touch. Oh, she forgot to smile, hey Tucker, over here!

Tucker, look, oops, too late you moved.
Oh good they're both looking at the camera, well... I got most of her face!
Next year back inside. Yes, nice one!
There you go, nice smile! nice pose! (may I remind you I only have one child)

Uh, no! Get some shoes on, and pick up your mess!
Okay it's getting easier, now that she's getting older.

It's easier, but I still didn't take the pictures in time to get them in the cards. We didn't have a digital camera, where you can check then take some more. That's what we end up doing for Maranda's annual front porch birthday picture! Take some pics, run in check on the computer, run back out get camera on tripod (Wade's really not good at taking photos at all). We ran in and out, on the tripod, off the tripod I think four times before we were satisfied with a photo to put in her album. Next year I'll post all those photos, from 1 year old to 16!

I do have tons of photos of her just being herself. When I took them I was so frustrated that she always had a funny look this way or that. Now going through them to scan her old pictures, they are all adorable. It really shows her personality. My dad always says the best photos are the natural ones, not the one where they are sitting, posing, smiling for the camera, but aren't those the ones you always get in the Christmas cards? Except from me!

So I leave you with a photo my dad took of us three girls and two of our cousins as we are watching The Wizard of Oz.

Happy Christmas card writing! I better get started.


  1. Love that vintage photo! And I'm laughing, because my attempts this year to take a photo of my girls has proven fruitless...

  2. TKW - I new you'd be able to relate to this :) I've been pulling out some of our "vintage" photos when I was going through Miss M's, for her Birthday post. I didn't want to seem so close to what you do, but they are fun to use.


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