Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just a few Christmas things!

Just a few things I had to get done today. It was in the 80s this weekend which isn't exactly Christmas weather, but I'm enjoying it while I can because we are going north for Christmas. Maranda saw snow once when she was 2 years old (we have it on video). So she wanted to see snow. It will be nice because she'll get to be with our family on Christmas. We usually spend it with my aunt and uncle when they are in town, but more often than not they are visiting their kids. We have been spending it with our friends whose family is in South Africa. We have a blended Christmas, and we have a lot of fun. Well to get in the spirit we had to add some snow at out house.
We aren't decorating much since we won't be here...

I made these ornaments for my breakfast kids that eat with me at the "good manners" table. I thought they were fitting since I work in the clinic and they're made of tongue depressors.

I wanted to show you a few things that I have from my grandmother's tree. This angel topper is really old and things just don't hold up that well in Florida. We don't put it on our tree anymore, it's so delicate and falling apart. I have some other ornaments from her tree. Some old glass ornaments, one that she made out of a hollowed out egg. Some icicles and much more.

I have some candle holders from my grandma as well. I found these salt and pepper shakers that are a perfect match for them on Ebay. They are Holt Howard dated 1950. I am looking for some vintage table clothes to go with the theme.
This was the ornament that I got from our book clubs first ornament exchange. I was lucky getting this flamingo, I love it. Now we rarely end up with the one we open. Jeanne thinks up all these cleaver games for us, I don't know how she does it.
This was at our book clubs Christmas book club ornament exchange. I should of taken a photo of the one I got this year. It's nice because there is always someone that is eyeing for the one I brought. Tracey ended up with it and she said she always likes the one I bring. Oops didn't take a pic of it before I went.
It was Ann's and my turn to bring food. The host provides the drinks.

Here is Jeanne explaining what we have to do in this game. We have to wear the hat and oven mitts and unwrap the present and open the card that are in it along the way and do what the cards say. All the others are in a circle throwing a dice and when someone rolls a 4 that person switches places. I didn't throw a 4 for the longest time until the end. Hee,hee I ended up with this tiny jewelry size box. I got the oven mitts too.
Last but not least I made this cranberry bread from Kristy's blog at My Little Space she made it with blueberries, but I had some cranberries I wanted to use. I think it has cooled off enough. I have to go try it. See you later, gotta go! Watching Fa la la la Christmas on Lifetime!


  1. I love those sweet little salt and pepper shakers. And the bread looks wonderful.

    I hope you get snow where you're going for Christmas. We rarely get snow. In the last twenty years it has snowed here on Christmas just once. We were living in NC at that...go figure!

  2. The food is making me so hungry...It has been soooo cold here and I hope you have a great holiday seeing snow!!!!

  3. Hi Lyndsey, the cranberries bread look awesome! Glad that you tried it with cranberries. yummm.... I would love to have a few slices too! Thank you. hehe...


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