Monday, December 7, 2009

Shell Crafts

These are my shell angels that I make every year. The smaller ones are the shells that I've found on the beach. I have different size pearl beads that I use depending on the shell size.

And a better addition to my new sea urchin "jelly fish". I still have to make more sea urchin "snowmen". I have enough shells, I better start glittering!

I usually have on my tree some sand dollars that we found and decorated too, they are packed away right now.

I also made some night lights. I have one in my kitchen with a sand dollar on it.

Here is a sea urchin shell that I bought at The Green Turtle. It's a different variety, a lot larger shells than the ones I found. The natural opening is large enough to put the bulb in through.

I originally got this shell to make a candle out of. These we can find at our beach at times.

A large scallop shell, usually have do dive for them.
A blogger friend said I should take more photos of Tucker. Well, I have plenty, but didn't want to post too many. I took this the other day just for Phyrra! This is his "do you have anything for me?" look, "are you sure? I'm just sitting here watching"


  1. Do you sell your ornaments anywhere? I love the shell angels!

  2. Hi Maryann, no I haven't sold any yet, but I'm sure I could make a special order if your interested. :)


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