Sunday, December 20, 2009

North Jetty Park, in Nokomis Florida

The North Jetty Park is located on the south end of Casey Key (where Stephen King lives). When you drive on the key it takes you straight into Nokomis Beach. Turn south to the end of the key and it brings you to the north jetty. This is where the have Bill's Beer run the Sunday before Halloween. It's a fundraiser for the Manasota Track Club this year was their 21st year.

You can park here and go right to the beach. Or keep going to the jettys, where you'll run into this.

The jettys attract a lot of fishermen, they have a bait shop, and area to sit and get some snacks.

We used to come here more often than just once a year for the run. When Wade worked at the jet ski shop in Venice this was a great place to take the jet skis.

The boat ramp here is on the inter coastal and you can go into Roberts Bay, Donna Bay and out to the Gulf Of Mexico from here. Often you'll see dolphins and manatees in the area.

A nice place to boat down the intercoastal.
Going out on the jetty looking back at the fish camp.
The South Jetty is in Venice.

Looking out on the beach. They have a playground up by the parking lot, where they have a pavilion and picnic area and restrooms.

The lifeguard stand look quite different from Siesta Beach.

Near the wet sand area and near the rocks of the jettys they have a lot of shells. This beach actually has some stones, we don't see that in Sarasota.
Last week when we were here we saw two manatees just in the gulf on the north side of the jettys. Then they swam into the channel toward the bays. Right down the middle of the channel with boats going out to the gulf, no wonder they get hit you sure can't see them when they are swimming. Wade said that we should of giving the manatee in the water sign, what? Okay so you hold your hands above your head to make a big circle (like the A in the YMCA song) just no point on the top.

The Gulf beaches are always interesting and fun for us to see. We enjoy them all times of the day and all year long. It's even fun to go when it's windy and the surf is up!


  1. tu m'as fait voyager à travers ces belles photos merci pour ce partage
    bonne soirée

  2. Thank you! I'm glad I could show you our area of the world!

  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & your family too. Have lots of fun & food as well. And may sll your wishes come true!
    Best wishes, Kristy


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