Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt - Ripple

Living on the Florida Gulf coast we have much opportunity to catch some "ripple" in the water around here...and I caught some ripples in the sand. I knew I had this photo around and I'm happy to post it for this weeks photo hunt "RIPPLE"

Okay, here is a "ripple" in the gulf

A ripple in the sand just as the wave from the gulf wets it down...

Sunset "ripple"

After the rain in the sand "ripple"

And what would Florida be if you couldn't see a "ripple" in the water from  manatee?!!

This will be joining the Saturday Photo Hunt on facebook! Check it out!!


  1. Loved all the ripples you used for the theme. Then the thought occured to me that I should have taken a close up of my face to show all the ripples up there. :) Love this theme this week!!

  2. Great variety. Never heard of a manatee. That's what I love about this group, always learning something.

    Mine is at

  3. Excellent!!!!! No place like the Gulf Coast and it's vast array of each direction.

  4. Great!
    the prints in the sand are great.
    We will be on the gulf coast again in a few weeks... I need the sun and the sand like a tonic.


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