Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt - FLASH

Meet Flash, he is one of our "God dogs" and he stays with us while his owners are off on vacation. Since I didn't have a lightning photo, or have never caught the green flash in a sunset, I was going to post a squirrel "flashing" by, then I thought I might as well just post "Flash".
Flash is a border collie and is very fast, he loves to be around the pool, but won't go in the water.
He has to be by you at all times, come on Flash really?!
Ohhh, both of them? At least they are in and out like a "flash" if they would just learn to close the door behind them!
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  1. Hi Lyndsey ,

    i'm punitha of

    Nice Clicks!!!!

    Looks refreshing....

    Mind block released:))))

    Thanks for sharing Lyndsey...

  2. Great story. Border Collies are very intelligent dogs.


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