Saturday, June 9, 2012

~Clean~ Photo Hunt

This weeks photo hunt is ~CLEAN~ so here is my "clean" photo...I really should say this is getting clean!
Tucker never did like getting "clean", but he sure did like getting dirty! The way he acted you'd think it was a punishment!
Otherwise he loved the water, he'd jump in the pool in a heartbeat! He even liked walkng in the rain.
He was so hairy this was the best way to getting him "CLEAN"
His favorite part of getting "clean" was the rub down afterwards! Now he's happy!

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  1. Poor Tucker!
    It is much more fun getting dirty :-)
    Have a good weekend~

  2. I love a clean dog. Reminds me my dog could do with a wash today.

  3. There is nothing like a clean dog. That reminds me my dog needs a wash today. She isn't keen either.

  4. I love those photos of Tucker! Since we haven't had Rosie through a summer yet, recently she had her first swimming adventure. She wasn't a total fan but it was cute seeing her dog-paddling in the air while I was holding her in the water before letting her swim to the steps. And I love seeing that photo of Wade and Maranda so young. Cute!


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