Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt - Fall

This weeks Saturday Photo Hunt is Fall - well fall is hard to capture in a photo in south Florida. So my first is of our prickly pear cacti that had a "fall" during a heavy rain which we usually don't get in late "fall" maybe early fall after all it still is hurricane season until the end of November.
This was taken in the "fall" and it is a symbol of "quietly" in my mind. The vine are near the end of there summer growth, quietly waiting for fall.
This series of photos are of a bitter apple that appears (the photo was taken in) Fall!

Some of our "fall" foliage is shown here on my banana tree...
...and many shells fall up onto the beach in "fall"...
...although bananas can bloom all through the year, I seem to be getting many now in the fall!


  1. Autumn is different in your part of the world...
    Happy Hunting y'all~

  2. Autumn is for sure DIFFERENT and WARM in your part. Beautiful garden photos.

  3. Sorry about your prickly pear, guess though you can start one again easily enough from the original. Wish our fall was as warm as yours. Take care Diane


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