Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt - SASSY

 When I first saw the photo hunt word I right away thought of our puppy Mika. She is definitely sassy! The lively and spirited sassy. But the trick is capturing her fun personality in a this one she was excavating in the sand, she still has some on her nose...
 A capture in the midst of her lizard hunting...
 ...she really knows how to relax too...
...all snuggled in the middle of all the pillows on the bed...
 ...and she enjoys a good boat ride ....she'd be sitting up on the back deck if allowed.
 ...another lizard hunt...
What? I was just going to play with him!
 ...awww, it's okay!
I know you've seen her before, but how can you not love that face?!!


  1. Aww - she is a beautiful pup! She has lovely eyes and fur, too. Is this sassy puppy friendly to strangers? Give her belly rubs from me, please :)

    Sreisaat Adventures

  2. lovely face indeed, definitely sassy!

    my take is here.

  3. What a good little doggy.

    Mine is up and the coffee is on.

  4. She looks sassy indeed!
    I look forward to seeing what y'all can spook us with next weekend.
    Happy Hunting~

  5. What a fantastic selection of photos, she is just too gorgeous. I so miss not having animals now having had them all my life. We want though to travel when we can and it is not fair in pets to be left in kennels too often. Also it is expensive...... Enjoy the weekend Diane


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