Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Photo Hunt - ZANY -

The Kids Summer Beach Fun Runs have gotten so crowded it's "ZANY" The evenings are a better time to run in the Florida summers. Of course this year it's a lot cooler than the rest of the country. Just barely brushing 90 and not the usual humidity...I'll bet the snowbirds are sorry they left.
It is just too much for us, we have been going to this each summer since Maranda was 4 years old. She has a T shirt from each year...but now it is so crowded... the phots were from a couple of years ago when it was a little steamy out, but we've never reached 100 degrees here on the coast.
We go to the Mr. Beery's fun runs on Wednesday nights instead.
This is the other "ZANY" photo I threw in, maybe I'll see if it fits into another category.

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  1. Good photos for zany.

    My zany is up. Please stop my.

  2. So the people are all just walking on the beach? No one is swimming to get cool? that's zany.

    My zany is at

  3. Loved all your photos for zany. Those runs along the beach really do look crowded..

  4. Wow, I had no idea the runs got that crowded! Isn't it funny that Florida is the cool spot in the country for a change!

  5. That is quite the crowd!
    We'll be dancing next weekend~

  6. Zany....and happy!! Glad to see that little tropical depression didn't dampen your spirits!!


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