Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekend Reflections

standing alone...

...on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico...

...a few clouds on the horizon...blocking the sunset...

Just hanging around at sunset enjoying my surroundings....what could be better...

I am adding this to this weeks Weekend Reflections
and hop on over for a Relax and Surf Sunday


  1. Aaah! What a relaxing scene.

  2. This seagull seems to have find the perfect photograph to make its portrait...

  3. Love the one where the gull is right in the middle of the suns reflections.

  4. Still seagull looks like a statue. Waves in tiers are stunning. I love the subtle color of the sands.

  5. Hi Lyndsey, Beautiful soft colors in the evening sky and a lonely sea gull on the beach. Your right, life doesn't get much better than this.

    be well, be Happy :)

  6. Lovely shots! ALL of them. :)

  7. Really beautiful photos!!!! What a great place...the sand look so inviting, I think I can feel it between my toes.The sunset pictures are great!


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