Sunday, May 29, 2011

#1 Beach in the Nation - Siesta Beach

We made number one! I say we because Siesta Beach is one of the closest beaches to us, we can ride our bike there. Dr. Stephen Leatherman's or AKA Dr Beach ranking of Siesta Beach as America's top shore destination for 2011, was announced May 27th. For the last two years we were rank #2 and this year we made it to #1 Beach

...and since it is so close to us and so beautiful...I have posted many photos here on my blog.

There are many events that take place throughout the year... from the drum circle on Sundays at sunset... the Kid's Summer Beach Runs, we have been going to since Maranda was 3 years old. She has a T shirt from each year she participated, a 16 this year I'm not sure if she will get one this year...we'll see... least the summer kid's runs are held in the evening where it's a little cooler...

...but often it will be overcast or the afternoon storms come rolling always makes it interesting. is a great time family...they have the sand sculpture contest..

...of this is an amiture one just for fun, but I liked it...also see my post on the sand-snowman, and sand pig, has the softest, whitest sand anywhere!

...many beach walks for charity and I even had one of my bridal showers here...

...and church picnics and baptisms are held here...

many weddings and birthdays are celebrated here...not pics of the brides though...

come visit anytime...

...there is lots of beach to see...

lots and lots...

lots of room and lots of sand...

even yoga.... get here early...

...getting ready to start the day...

we usually like to go early before the crowds arrive...

...looks like this summer we'll have to go even earlier...

...or later..

hope you enjoyed a little piece of My World


  1. Do you know I can't even remember the last time I've been to Siesta Beach, it's been years! Shoot, I barely make it to Nokomis beach and I could walk there from my house. I need a less hectic life!! Gorgeous photos :-)

  2. this is a gorgeous beach, no wonder it's a top destination. and lucky you, this is just a bike-ride away. beautiful series of photos.

  3. Shame Martha! It's so close too, and now is the time to go...after this holiday's our time to enjoy our beaches again! Yes you need to take a break! walk the beach! I'll meet you there!

  4. We have relatives in Sarasota, so like to visit Siesta. Love your sunset shots!

  5. What a beautiful beach! Love all your photos.

  6. I can see why it was chosen. Lovely beach and lovely photos. Nice that it's such a community destination and not just for tourists.

  7. Beautiful photos, especially yhe last and the ones with the georgeous sunset! Have a nice day!

  8. White and fine sand is so beautiful! I especially love the photos where sea gulls are resting in the shore and sea in sunset. Peaceful and soothing! Have a great week!

  9. What a coincidence, I just read this morning that Mr Beach had chosen Siesta Beach as the #1 beach in the country.
    I have been to Sarasota but not to Siesta Beach.. just look at what I am missing!

    Thanks for the magnificent views, Lyndsey.

  10. Oh that is just gorgeous! You are so lucky to live there. =)

  11. so pretty! I can't believe how white the sand is! I have not been to a huge flat beach like that in reminds me of growing up in southern California..though I don't think our sand was that white. Here on Maui it's little coves surrounded by lava if you want to go for a long beach walk you have to turn around and come back or crawl over rocks to the next beach lol!


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