Thursday, April 14, 2011

How's the view from up there? Sky Watch Friday

Nice view!

While dining out if Florida, it's always a pleasure to side outside with a beautiful water view...

We will often have feather friends stop by and visit just hoping some food will come their way...

...or maybe they come to enjoy the view too.

Sometimes you're just afraid to look up...I was hoping he wouldn't take off too fast! You never know what might happen...

Sharing this with all those who are not afraid to Sky Watch Friday and look up! Check them out!


  1. Wohoo I like to be a bird. To fly anywhere and to look from above is fantastic!


  2. You were brave standing beneath that bird! :) What restaurant were you at?

  3. Kim, yes birds do have the best view!

    SRQ, I took that while sitting at the table on the deck of The Old Salty Dog, the one by Mote Marine on City Island.

  4. Nice view. I try not to sit or stand underneath any birds. I know from experience.

  5. Oi! It's a bird-butt lol! Were you eating under that? good thing he didn't stay too long! haha! Looks like a beautiful place to eat!


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