Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clouds Make it Interesting ~ Sky Watch Friday ~

I love clouds at a really makes it interesting...
...sometimes when we go to watch sunset it is a clear sky... is still beautiful...
....but nothing beats a beautiful... formation at sunset...even if we don't get to see the sun set over the horizon... sure to visit more skies from around the world at Sky Watch Friday


  1. You are so right the clouds to make for a beautiful sky. Great skywatch shots. The sunsets over water are always gorgeous to me.

  2. It must have been wonderful to be there watching that sunset. Fantastic captures!

  3. Fantastic shots. These show great talent in capturing the color and time.

  4. clouds are always fascinating but never more so than when working with the rising or setting sun -- beautiful captures of this magic duo!

  5. Such gorgeous sunset at the beach!


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