Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yes...Another Sunset ~ Sky Watch Friday~

We never know when we head out to the beach for sunset what kind of sunset we'll see. It can be stunning with fantastic cloud formation, or just plan clear sky. This one looked OK, sometimes when we get there it's cloudy on the horizon.
But then there are times when one little cloud on the horizon is just in the wrong spot...right where the sun was setting. little cloud on the horizon...

I wasn't sure if this would show looked so cool in person the way it divided the sky like that!
Sky Watch Friday
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  1. The last photo looks like the sun rays is divided with blue color. Great capture!

    Fiery sky

  2. Yes -- really like that last shot. Very cool! The house w/all the birds sounds interesting. Email me the address via my profile and I'll it out.

  3. cool! i love the photos! it's always a good surprise seeing sunsets like this :)

  4. What a gorgeous sunset! And what a wonderful place to view it from. :)

  5. What a gorgeous view of your west coast sunsets, Lyndsey. It amazes me how alike your sunsets are to my sunrises. Isn't day's coming and going just beautiful.

    Enjoy your week, Lyndsey.


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